We love our home. And the unique nature of the Alps. The colourful diversity around our hotel. And we want to share these natural treasures with you. At our hotel in Tyrol – Ladis you will find places to feel good, recreational space and a springboard to your exploration tours.

our location
Philosophy of the hotel Tyrol Ladis-Fiss-Serfaus

Promise of quality at the hotel Tyrol

What is important.
What is close to our hearts.

Pure, rooted in the region, honest. We want to convince you with real quality, without any fuss, but with lots of passion. We carefully select what we use for your pampering experience. Not only at the breakfast table or at the restaurant, also in the spa area, the rooms, actually in the whole house.

Values of our hotel Tyrol – Ladis

Philosophy of the hotel Tyrol Ladis-Fiss-Serfaus

We want to protect the environment, as the natural beauty of our Alpine home is precious. That is why we use locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients and natural beauty care products. In our house you will find premium, long-lived furnishings instead of short-lived design trends.

Philosophy of the hotel Tyrol Ladis-Fiss-Serfaus
Tradition & innovation

At our hotel in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis we blend traditional elements with the contemporary. Offer you the best of two worlds, combined to perfection. Create a feel-good ambience in which you are totally at ease and feel at home.

Philosophy of the hotel Tyrol Ladis-Fiss-Serfaus

Every one of us has his strengths, his personal preferences. And as holidays are all about people with different tastes, we offer individual services. Design your getaway according to your wishes. Packed with mountain adventures, enchanted by culinary delights or totally relaxed.

We love what we do
at Das Landerer.

With the opening of our hotel in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis we made our dream of being hosts come true. The passion for hospitality is not only close to our hearts but literally runs through our veins, as by now, also the second generation of the Landerer family is busy working for your happiness in all areas of the hotel.