Where we celebrate the evening…
at the à la carte restaurant in Ladis

A place inspiring with its comfortable and cosy atmosphere, serving as your framework for extraordinary culinary delights. A place, where time loses its importance, because your senses are sent on an adventure trip. Spoilt with authentic flavours, telling you the story of our home country.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – each time of the year offers flavoursome treasures, forming the foundation for our exciting dishes. At our house nature stars with all its bounty. Every day we commit ourselves to the challenge of creating wonderful dishes from whatever happens to be locally supplied by farmers of the region. Directly from farm to table – that is the way, our food tastes best.

Aromatic herbs, colourful vegetables and fresh cuts of meat are not the only ingredients of our farm to table cuisine. Our dishes are cooked with fine skills, creative sophistication and passion for what we are doing.
Sometimes indulgence
can be heard at our restaurant.

For example, when the first course is served, and a surprised ‚Ah‘ or ‚Oh‘ can be heard, accompanied by a happy smile. Or when our guests cannot repress a smacking of their lips, while savouring our delicacies. But we like that sound, it is an audible praise for us. Colourful creations, inspired by regional and seasonal ingredients, cooked with passion and love by our chef and host Patrick Landerer – clear, clean and unfussy.


Early in life, the passionate creator of our Lucullan highlights, felt the itch to work in the kitchen. But as son of the house, the gastronomic spirit has most probably been given to him already at his birth. He brings a world of experience acquired in different starred restaurants and hotels and topped off his success with the participation in the “Jungen Wilden”-competition. Now, Patrick lives out his passion to create something new out of the traditional, giving wings to the down-to-earth dishes of his home country, in the kitchen of our Restaurant Das Landerer. In cooperation with his committed team he exceeds the expectations and becomes a culinary memory-maker.

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